how to restore the rules of survival account that was hit by a device ban

Hello guys back again with me TOD RUNNER. On this occasion I will share a tip so that your account can be played again after your account has been banned due to using Assets.npk and 3rd party applications (Gameguardian). Actually, to reactivate your account is very easy without having to reset factory or using another cell phone that is not subject to a device ban.

okay just to activate it you can simply use a virtual space application.
well for this virtual space not using parallel space or anything else. At the end of this article I will share the link ...

to use the application will have an impact on the performance of the game and in Chinese.
after an open account it is recommended not to reuse the modified character.npk assets.npk or Xray and the 3rd Party Application (gameguardian)

Virtual (Dual space) Chinese: Download