Your one stop shop for PUBG’s shotgun information. Know the ins and outs of the various shotguns PUBG needs to supply.

Although shotguns aren't the foremost standard gun class in PUBG, it will still facilitate to understand however they work and the way to place them to figure. They are usually solely employed in the {first} game once players first drop to the bottom and a firearm is that the solely gun they will realize. Knowing the way to effectively use a firearm may be the distinction between you extant the primary jiffy of the sport and having to instantly re-queue for an additional game. This guide can assist you perceive specifically what PUBG shotguns will do and the way to use them.

PUBG Shotgun Stats Breakdown

Hit harm – what proportion harm every firearm will do. Every firearm has the potential to one-shot players, but you have to be very close to the enemy because the pellets spread. To get the complete harm out of the firearm, each pellet has to hit.
Damage Per Pellet – what proportion harm every individual pellet will.
Pellet Count – what number pellets there ar per shot.
Ammo Per Clip – what number shells every firearm is in a position to carry. The pellets are inside the shells. The S12K is in a position to use AN extended magazine, that will increase its clip size to carry eight shells.

Time Between Shots – however long it takes between every shot.

PUBG Shotgun Damage

Shotguns ar able to place out the foremost quantity of harm within the shortest quantity of your time in PUBG. The draw back to the current is that you just need to be extraordinarily on the point of the enemy to induce the complete harm. As antecedently mentioned, each firearm has the flexibility to one-shot AN enemy. You just need to certify you're shut and might hit the shots, as a result of if you miss the primary double, you sometimes won't have enough time to get another one off. Below may be a quick-reference guide to the harm every firearm will to the various levels of vests and helmets:

PUBG Shotgun Guide
When attainable, shotguns ought to solely be employed in early game once that's the sole issue you'll realize. This is as a result of SMGs and assault rifles ar higher choices at close-range, unless you're able to get extraordinarily on the point of the enemy that is usually not the case. Below is however you ought to be victimisation the shotguns:

Sawed-Off – This firearm fills up the piece slot, therefore players ar able to carry 2 primary weapons and also the sawed-off at a similar time. The draw back to the sawed-off is that it solely has eight pellets in every shell and will less harm per pellet than the opposite shotguns. On prime of that, the sawed-off’s pellet unfold is well worse than the opposite shotguns, creating it to wherever you just about need to be touching the enemy with the barrel so as to induce the complete quantity of harm. For the simplest probability of killing AN enemy with it, shoot each of the shells that the gun holds as quick as attainable then take cowl whereas you reload.

S12K – this is often a good firearm as a result of it's semi-automatic instead of pump. In addition to it, it holds a lot of shells than the opposite shotguns. With AN extended magazine, the S12K will hold eight shells. This makes it good at spraying enemies down close-range. For optimal use, just go in guns blazing. You usually won't need to undergo eight shots before you get your kill.
S1897 – This firearm will place out heaps of harm and hold five shells, however encompasses a higher time between shots than the opposite shotguns. This means that you just ought to hit the primary shot as a result of you may possible not get another probability. The best thanks to use the S1897 is to shoot once, then take cowl to account for the time between shots. Rinse and repeat until the enemy is dead.

S686 – This firearm may be a nice combination of all of the shotguns. It holds a pair of shells just like the sawed-off, will shoot a bit quicker than the S12K, and might do the maximum amount harm because the S1897. Similar to the sawed-off and S12K, it's best to travel in guns blazing. If you miss your initial 2 shots then take cowl, as a result of you presumably won't survive the reload time if you are doing not.

Best PUBG Shotgun
The best firearm is that the S12K as a result of it will shoot quick, place out a crazy quantity of harm, and hold the foremost shells. Unlike the opposite shotguns, you are doing not need to worry the maximum amount regarding the pellets touch their target as a result of you'll simply spam shots while not having to fret regarding reloading.